Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't Be Afraid to Fail, Be Afraid Not to Try.

I have set some lofty goals for the year 2011.
I will lose 30 pounds.
I will run a sub 6:45 Sweetwater 50k.(8:12 in 2010)
I will run a sub 7:00 Chattooga 50k. (8:46 in 2010 w/bonus miles)
I will toe the line at R&R Savannah with the goal of 3:15:59 in sight.
I will run my first 50 mile or 100k event. (Distance depends on schedule)
I will run 1500 miles for the year. (1176 for 2010)

I have now sat at my keyboard for the last 5 minutes staring at those goals. The Running Is Stupid Committee has already called an emergency session. "Is this guy off of his rocker?!?!?"

Realistically, everything hinges on the first goal...Holly & I have committed to a nutritional plan that, if followed, will deliver on that promise. Low glycemic carbs, i.e. brown rice & sweet potatoes. Lean proteins such as chicken, fish, & turkey. Salads; spinach, romaine & bibb lettuces. Nuts, fruit & veggies. All of these things are stuff that I should be eating more frequently. It's just that I LOVE pizza & hot dogs & cheeseburgers....But I also LOVE RUNNING FAST!

So, as I begin my 14 week build up to SweetH20
I will also honor my pledge to take my diet to the next level. dropping 20 pounds before April 16th will put me one step closer to those goals...I am also going to hold myself accountable on this public forum by posting my weekly weight and training progress.

1/3/2011 - 199 bs.
Workouts scheduled:
Su-70 minutes - Zone 1/2
T-20 minutes - Zone 1/2
Th-Track Drills
Sa-Lactate Threshold Test
Su-70 minutes - Zone 1/2

CJ - has already gotten a jump start on his 2011 progress...now if I can just convince him for another duel...


Al's CL Reviews said...

Good luck with your goals! If you focus, they will be achieved!

Jamoosh said...

Best of luck with the new nutrition direction. It's not an easy thing to do, but YOU CAN DO IT!

Pam said...

Awesome goals! Good luck!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

YEAH!1! Kick Cletus's butt, Peachy!

And, uh ... good luck with the other goals. But don't expend TOO much energy on THEM.

Concentrate on kicking Cletus's @$$!1!

The Sean said...

I'll be at Woods Ferry 24 hr in the fall... I was thinking 50 miles to 100k... think about it!

RockStarTri said...

Lofty goals, Snail, but looking forward to the journey! BTW: I've got to get some training in to make me vs. CJ in Panama City epic. He does the advantage of youth and speed but I need to find some intangibles to leverage.

ajh said...

Love the post title! Good luck!

joyRuN said...

Like you said, you can't be afraid to go for it!

lindsay said...

very ambitious, but doable if you hang in there! especially on the food. for me - if i slip up there i'm headed headfirst down the slippery slope.

Julie said...

Hi Thomas,
Good luck to you in 2011! Something tells me that great things are in the mix for you!

Andrew Opala said...

Good luck buddy! The weightloss is easy if you break up your meals to many smaller ones, and try try try to prepare your own food - not only will you have less needless fat, but you will eat with your eyes and nose while you cook and then make the fulfillment greater when you chew and swallow.

This is a really cool goal, and consider me your partner along the way. I started at about 292 last Easter, hit 245 lbs at Christmas and and dropping about 2 pounds a week. But I'm not worried about the weight, I just make sure I've got a totally exhausting workout schedule to keep me burning.

Hang in there!

Kate said...

I think that following myself would be too much akin to sending myself flowers...but without the pretty smell. :)

Love your post title...story of my running life. And lol on the "running is stupid committee"...didn't realize you knew my husband.

Good luck on your goals...can't wait to hear how it goes!

Kate said...

Oops...I wasn't thinking about the book blog, which is my neglected stepchild. But your attention to detail is impressive. :)

Lily on the Road said...

Happy New Year Snail!! Best Wishes with ALL of you 2011 goals, you can do it....now go kick CJ's butt!!

Adam said...

Your freeze your throns off tech tee is in the mail....just like the check - which is also in the mail

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