Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Snail in teh Fold...

Allow me to introduce Alaska Snail 2.0.

Very few(if any of you) have ever read this blogpost, which was my first entry, explaining the beginning of this quest and this blog.

My brother has joined the blogosphere, hoping to chronicle his quest towards living a healthier & happier life. I am humbled that he draws inspiration from my efforts - as I am routinely inspired by his effort. He has a score to settle with the 'Nox and I am laying down the line early, the time to beat is 5:40:11...I look forward to the days when the Armbruster siblings are able to share the road or trail in the coming years. We have a 3rd "snail" in teh fold that has started a "running club" with her son, for now we will call her the Tennessee Snail...hmm, what do you call a baby snail? Anyroad, please welcome AS2.0.


Barefoot Neil Z said...

I think he'll beat that time. Good Luck! relevant comment made. You happy?

Karen said...

welcome Alaska Snail!

Kate said...

It's a real family affair, huh? How cool! Is it sad that, when I went back and read your original blog post, I wondered "What's the hardest marathon?" You know, because I'm so hard core and all. Snort.

Kate said...

Oh, P.S. Truly lame to hold a dream against someone. Luckily he's over it, or I'd be dream kicking him or something. :)

Wes said...

I vote Teh Snailet! :-)

Anonymous said...

There's always room for another Snail! Yay!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Three Fine snails
Three fine snails
See how they run
See how they run
They run pretty fast for a trio of slugs
They may win an AG prize big-@$$ beer mug
There may be a forth snail but who gives a fug?
Those three fine snails

Anne said...

The family that sticks together, ... leaves slime on the path to success. Now, I just noticed you've got the Barkley on your dream sheet. Are you kidding me?!?!

San said...

wohoo in getting your brother to run and blog too. What an amazing start in the new year.

Enjoy your weekend.

EricG said...

What a great way to stick together. Keep running. Peace

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