Monday, January 31, 2011

9 1/2 Weeks...

Okay, actually it is 10 1/2 weeks until the SweetH20 50k...but 9 1/2 Weeks makes a better blog title...drives that traffic to the blog.

A quick update on the contest. THANK YOU to each and every one of you that voted. With a grand total of 1463 votes, Marriah & Mike finished in 5th place and will move to the judges round. A panel of judges will read the essays and score them. The winner will be announced Friday morning! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!

Running this week was awesome. I wish I had some witty anecdote to share about my runs this week. Everything was textbook and I guess that is a good thing. I did discover a new trail yesterday on my 10 miler. I was "supposed" to do 1:40 of easy, flat miles-keeping my HR under 145. So, average of 151 is close right?!?!

See, what had happened is...I was about 3 1/2 miles in and running along the 'hooch...I looked up and saw a trailhead with blue trail markings. "Hmm, this looks like fun!" So I started up the trail...and up...and up..and up! Turns out I was on the Palasades West loop. There was about 500' of gain in the first mile, not too bad. Of course, what goes up...must come down. The decent was tricky, there was a lot of loose rock, roots & leaves-recipe for disaster if not careful. I finished this loop & took the Rottenwood Creek trail back to Bob Callen. Ran along back over to Cochran Shoals and did a half loop there. 10 miles on the day 1:44, with 2850 in elev. gain.(So says Garmin)
weight - 189.2 (down 4.4 from last week; 11.8 YTD)


Su - 1:40 zone 1
Mo - Rest
Tu - 50 min Hills - zone 3
We - 20 min - zone 1
Th - Trackwork
Fr - Rest
Sa - 45 min (25 tempo)
Su - 1:52 zone 1


Jill said...

Will Mickey Rourke be playing you in the upcoming movie about your 50K?? :)

Very nice job on the 10, the new trail sounds like a total blast!

Kate said...

You're doing great on the weight loss! That trail sounds pretty nice, too.

I read up on some of the other couples...surely Marriah has a good chance. I thought her story was the most touching and deserving by far.

The Sean said...

Lucky you! The hills are okay even on the easy days so long as you keep the HR in check and enjoy the climb, which I am sure you did!!

joyRuN said...

So glad M&M made it to the top 5!!!!

I need some elevation like that to build strength. Flat as a pancake around here, but windy as can be. Does that count?

-Chris said...

Hey, I came across your blog while looking at the Sweet H20 report.. nice job on finishing it, blogging a great report on it, and giving me a fire in my belly to go after it as well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog..

carrie said...

Thank you for your message and for thinking of me.

Glaven is my bloggy big brother, not my real one. I'm positive we were siblings during a previous experience here, and as much as my heart hurts for him, it is also touched by you and your thoughtfulness. Hugs.

Wes said...

running in my neck of the woods, eh? nice :-)

Thomas Bussiere said...

Nothing like trails. As the weight lowers, so does the minute/mile pace. I have about 10 to shed to get back into racing weight. Base building will take care of.