Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greetings Race Fans!!!!

After much research( okay well after spending 10 minutes on I have filled out my race schedule for the Fall/Winter. I have gone through the tedious process of posting my schedule to the right, for everyone's viewing pleasure. I will provide start times and locations for all would be running stalwarts-signs are greatly encouraged!

A few of these races are the most popular ones held here in the Lowcountry, some of my favorite. The YMCA 5K is the third largest race in Savannah, it is run the first Friday evening in October, in downtown Savannah. Always a great turn out and after party.

Tim and Nicole DeBoom are bringing us their Skirt Chaser race series for the first time , this will be an awesome event. I love the format, sending the women out in the first "Catch Me" wave, with the men leaving three minutes later in the "Skirt Chaser" wave...I have always been a skirt chaser, this race was a no brainer! To really add to the fun this event is a night race, being held on Halloween and we will run most of the race on this great race track in Savannah.

The Rose Dhu Creek 10K Trail Run should be an interesting event, I have not run a trail race since high school....

I will also be running in Savannah's largest road race, The Savannah River Bridge Run "Double Pump", for the first time. This race combines two races, they created this format a couple of years ago and it is developing quite a following. Savannah has always had a 5K/10K format for the bridge run, race oragnizers decided to split the start time and give runners a chance to do both. The way it will work is the 5k starts at 8:00am. We will run from Hutchinson Island, over the bridge and into Savannah. Then get into the starting coral for the 10K which will begin at 8:45am. The 10K is an out and back course, so "Double Pumper's'" will run both races, making three trips over the bridge. They will then combine both race times for our actually time...pretty cool, and you also get a cool "Double Pump" mug for finishing.

Last but not least, I have added a "half mary" to my schedule, I believe Carolina John will be joining us at the "Redneck Riviera" to compete in the Critz Tybee Island Half Marathon & 5K. This is a fast and flat course, I will be shooting for a sub 2 hour time. (and maybe some blogger bragging rights...)

Sunday will be my final long run before I begin my taper...22 miles with the Chicago All-Stars! 23 days until the Equinox!!! One foot in front of the other, one step at a time!!!


Carolina John said...

pffffftt!! I will also be shooting for a sub 2 hour half and some blogger bragging rights at tybee. See you there snail!

in SC we commonly refer to myrtle beach as the redneck riveira, and the non-rednecks go to charleston or savannah. and in SC we know our rednecks better than we know our riviera's.

that 15k double pump sounds really cool. taking the bridge 3 times is going to be tough.

X-Country2 said...

I totally want to do a Skirt Chaser race some day! Too fun.