Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A business which takes no regular inventory usually goes broke.

July~mid year, time to review the "non recap" recap blog post from the beginning of the year.

Let's see...there was a nifty daredevil snail pic...CHECK!

Tybee Half Marathon 2/6/10 This will be my first race at this distance~Instant PR!I will be shooting for a sub 2 hour performance. Also, I will get to meet CJ...should be fun

I ran 1:54:38...CHECK

Met CJ (Also, victorious at the Duel in the Dunes)...CHECK (Double CHECK!)

I plan on using that marathon as my final training run for the Sweetwater, wait for it,....50K U L T R A on April 3rd.

completed said ultra and ran a second 50k. CHECK!

By this time, I will know if I got a lottery slot into the NYC Marathon. Otherwise I will add another Autumn marathon to my schedule.

Did not get into NYC Marathon. FAIL!
Registered for 2 Autumn marathons & a 50 miler. CHECK!?!?!

Looking at the shorter distances, I plan on running the Savannah Mile, with a goal of 6:45 or less. I ran it in '09 with a mile time of 7:19.

Ran the Savannah Mile in 6:41. CHECK

(It is going to get a little grey...)

My number one goal for 2010 is to stay healthy and continue to improve my overall fitness. I lost 25 pounds during 2009 and would like to lose another 20 in the next year. As I continue to lose weight, my times will continue to drop. I would like to break 4 hours in the full, 49 minutes in the 10k and dare I say it, 22:59 5k...

Stay healthy...
hmmm, I may be nursing a sports hernia...waiting to hear back from the doctor...currently icing after my runs. Pain is 1/2 of 1 on Steve Q's tough as a n*ts@ck scale of toughness...

Lose 20 pounds...
I have lost 10...

Break 4 hours in the Marathon...
Kiawah Island Marathon, 12/11/10; we will see.

49 minute 10K/22:59 5K
I lowered my current 5K to 24:01 in March. I am currently on pace to hitting both of these goals in the fall/winter race season.

So, no CHECK or FAIL at this time.

In 2010 I will give back and work towards being less selfish. I would like to volunteer at a couple of races and move forward with my goal of organizing a race to benifit the local Autism Foundation. I am going to try to help my fellow man whenever my HP allows me.

DOH! I have not moved forward on any of this...I need to get working here. BIG FAIL!

Okay, so all in all, 2010 is shaping up to be a pretty good year. I see the sucess and see where improvement is needed.

An interesting side note, starting Tuesday, I will be in the big A for three weeks for work; three weeks of the big H's people! Holly, Hills and Hotels!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

9 weeks until Long Cane 50

Happy Belated Birfday 'merica!

9 weeks until the Long Cane 50 and lasts week's running had me sweatin' like a whore in church. Literally and figuratively. June has gone down as the hottest month on record and my running has suffered this wrath. The pacing was horrible and I had begun to question my fitness and dedication. Case in point, Thursday, I had 7 miles on the books and bailed 3 miles in...I walked the remaining half mile back to my car chalking it up as "Just one of those bad runs".

I know that I will have bad runs. I also wasn't setting myself up for success by running this particular route(Dairy Farm-thick, grassy route) at this time of day (6pm- 92 degree). That long walk back to my car had me replaying my last few weeks worth of running and it was all the same song. Slow pace, high HR, and a struggle to finish the workout. I had finished my second 50k of the year just a few weeks ago, I couldn't understand why these "easy" runs were so durn hard!!!!

Then, almost as if it was a birthday gift from Mother Nature, a low pressure front moved in over the southeast and we were treated to a wonderful weekend of weather in the mid to low 80's. Running anyone?!?!?!

Like a red-neck with a box full of illegal fireworks, I. WAS. EXCITED!!!

Saturday morning I slipped on my new Brooks Ravennas and met up with Cubbie for a 5 miler. - Effortless.

They just look fast!

Sunday, Watermelon Crawl with the local running store. They had a 6 and 8 mile course mapped out. I needed 10, so I planned on running the 8 and adding on 2 miles on the back end. My goal was to go out easy an try and run 10:30's with a little pick up on the last 2 miles.

The first few miles flew by and I had to keep telling myself to slow down or I was going to blow up. Every time I would slow down, I would look back at my watch and see that I had crept back to 10's. By mile 5 I decided to stop trying to control my run and just let it happen. As I continued, my times were dipping 10 seconds per mile. 9:50, 9:40, 9:30. Last mile, strong finish, 8:32. What a great feeling to have my legs back under me.

I know that this weather won't last. I took full advantage of it...the most important thing is that I reset my mind as to understand that I will struggle in the heat. When the oppressive heat lets up, my times will return. I need to keep putting my miles in the bank and finishing my workouts. I have also decided that in addition to my regular speed workouts, I need to get up at 5am once a week to run longish, just to remind my body of what the effort feels like when it is still in teh 70's...

Oh yeah, PINHOTI BABY!!!