Saturday, August 15, 2009

Georgia Snail at the Savannah Mile


I am just going to look at that for a while...

I understand that that is not a fast time for alot of people around here, but for this guy-right now-that was fast! Yep, that was me two hours ago at The Savannah Mile. I was hoping to go sub 8:00. I was going to be thrilled to hit 7:30. But 7:19?!?! come on, that is just silly...I do my 400 intervals at a 1:50 pace. Which is the same pace I just ran that mile. I missed placing in my age group by 35 seconds. There wasn't a great turn out, but this gives me something to shoot for next year...I will rethink my track workouts, eventually (sooner, not later) will begin doing the workouts the fast snails are doing. I am going to enjoy this day...Because tomorrow I have to do 20 miles...One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

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Anne said...

That *is* fast, no matter what your age. Sounds like the track work really paid off. Congratulations!