Sunday, May 24, 2009

Still Raining...

So I woke up at six am and I had no desire to run today. I mean NO desire. It was raining, scratch that, it was pouring. No, Lets just say Mother Nature was really wanting to make sure that she made up for the drought conditions we have seen in the last few years. **Internal Debate** Looks like we don't run today Thomas. Wait, you say you like to run in the rain! I do, but not that kind of rain, my socks and shoes will get wet! My feet will be a mess. Cubbie will be so disappointed in you. Fine, Cubbie can find a new running partner, I am a Mets fan anyway.**

So I went back to sleep.


Chirp, Chirp!!

What is that noise? Birds? Don't they know it's raining?

It's not raining?

What...this means I have no excuse to not run?!?!


Oh, and the dogs really need to go out, we took a short walk last night because of this plague being cast upon us...

So, I got my running clothes on and drove out to the Landings to meet Cubbie. Who was not there because she thought I was going to bail on her. (Do you think she can read my mind, or was it the text I sent her at 6:03am saying-This rain is killing me)

Then it started to rain again, light drizzle, not enough to cancel.

Then Cubbie showed up.

So we ran. It felt great. (I might need little windshield wipers for my glasses though)

We talked, the first six miles passed effortlessly...

Then the committee inside my head reconviened their meeting and began to discuss why the d-bag running the body has decided to put everyone through this rainy mess...

I told them to leave, but they didn't listen. So, out came the secret weapon...


David Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams(for those not in the know, lol)

He is my favorite musican and his music has pulled me through many things, and today he pulled me through the last 20 minutes of this long run. I am grateful.

Cubbie asked me if I was happy that we ran today, I told her not until we finished. But that was not entirely true. I enjoyed the entire run, some parts more than others. I enjoyed checking my mental toughness. I enjoyed running in the rain, except for the really big puddles. I enjoyed talking with my running partner, who i hadn't seen since last Sunday.

I enjoyed the run because I felt alive.

Little known secret, last year at this time I could not run more than three minutes in a row without having to stop because I felt like my heart was going to explode. I started run/walking as part of out biggest loser contest at work...

Today I ran for an hour and twenty minutes, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

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