Monday, June 29, 2009

LAF 10K Race Report

Greeting race fans!!!

So, as previously mentioned I ran a 10K Saturday morning. Where do we start? Well this is the first 10K race since the Savannah River Bridge Run last December. The difference in weather is apples and oranges. December race day temp. is usually low 40's/high 30's. I remember wearing a skull cap and gloves for that race. Race day temp. on Saturday was 85 degrees at the start(9AM), it was 90 degrees before I finished the run. HOT!!!HOT!!!HOT!!!

Let's see...Things I liked....Small race, nice people, good cause, and great area to run-three barrier islands on the coast of South Carolina.

Things I didn't like...Have I mentioned how much I do not like running in the lowcountry heat and humidity?

Okay, enough complaining...race details. Finish time: 1:03:33. Did not break my PR. As the race started I quickly found myself at the back of the group and didn't make up much ground...LOL, thanks to Jeff Galloway and his run/walk program I did manage to pass a couple of ladies on the walk rotation. Of course they passed me right back on the run rotation. After a couple of cycles I managed to maintain a lead that I kept to the end.

I hit the first mile mark at 9:57 and knew that was not going to be enough for a sub 1 hour race. Second mile came at 20:20. I was slowly losing time but didn't have it in me to push it harder. I don't know if it was mental, if it was the heat or if I simply am not ready for a sub 1 hour 10K. The 3 mile mark came at 33 and change...I was fading fast. The great part about this race was the shade from the trees on this course. I mentioned earlier that it covered three islands, going from island to island meant there were streches of the course that left us completely exposed to the sun. It was all I could do to not walk. Mile four, 44:25. Mentally I was struggling, I needed something to hold on to, someone to pull me. Along comes Joe Neetles. He is a legend in the local running community. He is at every race. He is in his sixties I think, and he runs faster and farther than me. Well I tried to keep up with him and that pulled me to the 5 mile mark, somewhere around 55 minutes. I was doing the math and knew that i was looking at more than 1:05 total time...Just past the five mile mark the race organizer was handing out wet sponges. As I wiped my face and wet my head I instantly felt revitalized. Amazing what a little temp. control can do. Once again I am reminded of the importance of hydration. The final straight away was probably 1/2 mile out in the direct sun. I locked in on the finish line and began to push. I usually have a strong finish, which makes me wonder if I don't leave it all on the course. This day was different. As I pushed, my body began to tell me the tank was empty. I pushed back and found a little extra reserve and quickly depleted that too! I hit the finish at 1:03:33 and was very proud of my effort. Gatorade and orange slices for my boys!!! Today's victory was that I finished and I didn't give in to the committee in my head that was trying to pass the "Running Is Stupid Resolution"....One foot in front of the other....One step at a time...

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Anne said...

Congratulations on staying in the race and seeing it through. It's tough to run in heat. And, as you said here and in an earlier post, you ran for a great cause.