Thursday, June 11, 2009

100 days and counting...

So, looking at the calendar, today marks 100 days until the duel between me and the Equinox. Sure hope my brother is aware of how much work is left to be done...I know I am.

Speaking of work; Tuesday I was on my own which meant it would be a great chance to tackle the parking garage. I will being by referring to an earlier post and mention i do not encourage anyone to disregard the posted "No Pedestrian" sign at the entrance of my favorite "hill trainer". Moving on.

Warmed up with a 1.75 run at a 10 minute pace. This was supposed to be a warm up, I am not sure how i managed to knock out a run at that speed but I felt great so....

Did I mention it is hot is SE Georgia? 90 degrees at 6pm in June. I mean come on, really? So I was wondering if my "fast" warm up was going to effect my repeats...I was doing five today, five .33 mile trips up, five elevator rides much fun. The best part is the look I get from the lady working the ticket booth.


3:45 (yikes, maybe I did warm up too fast)

3:42 (yep, this will be a long workout)

3:30 (hmmm, that was my average last time)

3:14 (get off me garage, lol, new garage PR)

3:23(glad this is over, and now we go down the ramp!)

Cooled down with another mile around downtown.

All in all the workout lasted about an hour plus I biked the mile and a half to and from the garage.

Today I will be doing 4.5 with Cubbie, we have already pushed our run back to 6pm from 5:30 to try and avoid a little heat...this is going to be a LONG summer, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.


Lauren said...

I never thought about running in a parking garage. We have no hills in south Louisiana other than the levee. I'll keep your idea in mind if I ever have any desire to train on hills. Although, I'd have to imagine any parking garage would be about 200 degrees right now.

Anne said...

I sooo don't miss those swampy runs in summer heat. When I lived in New England and we couldn't run outdoors in deep winter, we opted for the parking garage for hills training too. Great idea, provided there's good ventilation.

GeorgiaSnail said...

This is an outdoor, above ground garage with wide open ventilation so it is not too bad...with a slight breeze it is fairly cool in the evening when I run it.