Monday, April 30, 2012

Pine Mountain 40 Mile - RD

As some of you may recall, I ran the PM40 this past December. It was a blast! So much fun, that I wanted to become involved in the behind the scenes work for the 2012 edition. My mother always told me to, "Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!" Who has two thumbs and is the new race director of the PM40? This guy, right here.
The PM40 is a 40 mile ultra marathon on the beautiful Pine Mountain Trail system of FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia. This GUTS event will test runners endurance and ankles over rocky single-track trails. The trail follows the ridge line, going up and over it for the duration. Depending on water levels, the few water crossings could be dry or ankle deep. Runner's will experience both pine & hardwood forests, rock outcroppings, waterfalls, and beaver ponds.

Here are a few pictures of the views you can expect.

The DNR limits us to 175 runners for this great race, slots will go fast. If you are interested in running it, registration opens tomorrow!

Ultra Sign Up

If you are interested in being a volunteer, I will be eternally grateful!

Feel free to email me with any questions!



Wes said...

that looks like CJ :-P I might volunteer. We'll see. It would be fun to see all those crazies castigating themselves ;-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Runner's will experience both pine & hardwood forests, rock outcroppings, waterfalls, and beaver ponds.

Wait. Which type of "beaver" will be at these "pond"?

Because only one type puts the hardwood in MY forest.

Man, I wouldn't wanna be a race director. Good on you for volunteering. Good luck!

Kate Geisen said...

Oh, wow, the course looks/sounds gorgeous. I'd love to volunteer, but it's a bit of a hike for me.

Way to step up. That's a big responsibility, and I bet it'll be a great experience...especially after it's over. ;)

Jen Feeny said...

That is so awesome! Congrats on being the new RD!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about the planning madness and the eventual race.

JojaJogger said...

Congrats! (or is it condolences?) I should be able to volunteer this year.

Todd said...

How is the terrain at PM compared to Signal Mountain / Stumpjump? I just finished my first ultra and wow, i thought I had trained....but was proven way wrong. I am debating whether to sign up for PM as I have almost two more months to train. But, if the terrain is the pretty similar, my time may be spent better training up as I'm not sure I'd make the cut off.

Unknown said...

Woww Congrats on being the new race director! Lovely location! The race course is so appealing.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations and I hope that it goes well for you. It is nice to be in the top and help your fellow runner in the organization for them to focus only in running. It is something that pay per head reviews friends like to do