Monday, May 9, 2011

HR Training

So...The Crackhead had me do a Lactate Threshold Test last week to gauge my progress. This method of determining my LT is done by running 30 minutes at an all out effort. 10 minutes into the run, I am supposed to hit the lap button, using the final 20 minutes to determine my LT heart rate & pace. My last LT test was back in January where I averaged a 168 HR and 7:53 pace. On Thursday I average a 7:37 pace with a HR of 162.

Initially I was concerned about my inability to get my HR into the high 160's, low 170's. When I ran my 5k last weekend, my avg HR was 163. I was questioning the fact that maybe I wasn't pushing hard enough, not really giving it 100%. The Crackhead said the fact that I am able to run faster at a lower HR is great. Coupled with the fact that I haven't been doing any speedwork geared towards shorter distance racing; I shouldn't really be able to go "too deep into the red." All of my training lately has been focused on the 50k, including the speedwork.

He then informed me that would soon change as we begin to focus on the Peachtree Road Race 10k. DOH!

I mean, I'm cool with the idea of getting faster. In order to run faster, you have to run faster....but, but....but running fast hurts! I'm kind of a wimp like that. Guess I need to HTFU and get my swerve on!

Actually, truth be told, I like how I feel immediately after a good track session, just not so much during. The hardest interval? The 2nd to last one. Which also happens to be my favorite interval-sort of like Thursday is my most favorite day of the week because I like to spend it thinking about "how tomorrow is Friday"...It might be sort of telling that I spend a lot of time "in the future"...need to stay a little more in the moment I guess.

Moving on.

This is the final week leading up to the Fight For Air Climb. Team Snail has has great success in the fund raising department. The American Lung Association will be the benifactor of recent generous donations by some awesome bloggers such as Wes & Muriel. also a few ultra/trail runners like Sarah T., Amanda T., Fabio, & the Black Family. Thanks to the Freedom Runners & also the Alaska Snail. If you can, please click here and help Team Snail reach our goal!


Wes said...

My LT heart rate has been consistently in the 170s. On my recent test, I didn't get my HR above 170, yet at the 5K in February, my average was 176... I don't read too much into the numbers. Going at 110% during your test can make you suffer in your training for months :-)

In my own training, my progress was rapid and significant when I switched from HR to pace.

Good luck with your training!

Lesser is More said...

If you read Joe Friel's blog, he has spoken at length about this exact testing protocol and notes that you are always going to push harder in a race, due to the competitive nature of others being around you, so it is best to do these tests solo. Not sure the conditions you ran it in, but that could explain the difference in HR. Naturally though, the more fit we get, the faster we can run at the same HR. Even without any speedwork, all that long distance stuff certainly helped your aerobic system to become more efficient. Of course, temperature, dehydration, training fatigue, etc all influence HR on any given day so its best to try and keep the testing conditions as consistent as possible.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hahahahahaha! You lactate! LIKE A GIRL!1!

Kate Geisen said...

I'm working on speed this time around, too. It hurts, for sure, but I like that it hurts for shorter intervals. :) I may sing a different tune on the first speedwork intervals Wednesday, though.

About Muriel said...

looks like you have all the tools and know-how to keep up with all the improvements. hope to hear more about the 'hr training.' just bought one myself--uber exciting :)

Pam @ said...

It amazes me at the difference between my heart rate and everyone else's. You were going all out and were in the 160s. Mine is in the 180s when I'm running at a conversational pace. Always been that way. I even had to get an EKG for PE in college when my instructor was concerned about my higher-than-normal rate. I have a normal resting HR, and it always slows back down quickly after activity. Maybe I'm just part hummingbird...