Friday, April 1, 2011

March, March, March...

Quick post. March running stats. 133.41 miles, including 1 Half Marathon PR. This will go down on record as the most miles recorded in a month. To add onto that, there were also another 15-20 miles not recorded. I noticed the work paying off yesterday during a 40 minute easy run - HR under 145. I was running high 8's(8:50-8:55) and my HR was sitting in the low 140's. Usually my zone 1 runs sit around a 9:10 pace. I am really happy with my fitness right now and this is a great mental victory going into the 50k. Relentless forward progress!

The Barkley Marathons start sometime tomorrow. Rumor on the B list & the interwebs is that the "bad thing" this year might be a night time start, that would be a game changer...I understand it is hard enough to navigate your first loop(or any loop for that matter), having to do your 1st loop at night is unthinkable. There were a few emails going around on the B list about a meth ad that reminded someone of their time "Out There" at FHSP.

To be successful at Barkley, you need to come in with the mindset that you are going to finish. Just that simple - I will not quit. Everybody quits.

This quote is posted over on Marmot Trailhead's page, MT is a Barkley Virgin:

"When your body starts to betray you and you feel totally defeated mentally, remember this: You are not this body. You are not these thoughts. You are a beautiful and perfect soul deeply connected to a much larger universe. And running five loops at Barkley is but a drop in the ocean of all of the Self's potential achievements. So. You will keep going.

Try, as best you can, not to identify with the body or with the thoughts. Get connected to something much, much bigger than the small self. Let the mind empty of everything else."

I think Marmot has it in him to go deep, at least finish the Fun Run (3 loops). I'd really like to hear of him going strong on the 3rd day.

I mean come have 60 hours to travel 100(130?) miles. It's only 5 loops-2 clockwise, 2 counter clockwise, & 1 runner's choice. You can even run with someone, until you get to the last loop. Laz GIVES you the course map the day before the run!

Why is it only 9 people have ever finished?



Kate Geisen said...

You're making great progress. I'm hoping that this time next year I can say that about my pace. March was my highest mileage month yet, too, coming in at 124 miles. Still shy of what was on the schedule, but not bad considering minor injury and life in general.

Anonymous said...

Must feel great to see your fitness progressing so well. Due to hard work and mental fortitude- no doubt!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

ZOMG!1! This sounds insane! Like ... No-Amount-Of-Platonic-Zen-Idealism-Will-Save-You Insane.

But good luck!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I love those runs where you start seeing all the hard work pay off - great job!

ajh said...

Love the school bulletin board. Is that a classroom you know or something from the web?

George Linney (aka Monk) said...

Agreed about Marmot Trailhead. I predict he will finish atleast lap 4. I'm no ultramarathoner, yet when he and I speak it is in code, two kindred spirits.
Monk Trailhead

joyRuN said...

That's excellent fitness. I'm probably walking when my HR is 140.

The Boring Runner said...

CONGRATS!! Running a PR in your highest mile month ever is awesome.

Turbo Photographs said...

Hold up - are you telling me you're doing Barkley? Have you lost your mind? Dude. No one will save you. Isn't this the prison escape route from some insane person??? OMG>>>>!!@##%W$ You're nuts.

it's all about pace said...

Nice month... funny how PRs and fitness gains follow milage uptick =;-)

The Sean said...

Let's hear for the gastropods!! You, my friend, are just getting started:)

Wes said...

That Barkley thingee is insane... Nice month! I think I've done 1 in the 120s... there will be more :-)

Thomas Bussiere said...

Barkley - What all other ultra can't be measured against. It's in a different league.

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