Saturday, December 12, 2009

Housekeeping and Kiawah Island

This week is the official ramp up week to Tybee. I would usually insert some derogatory comment about CJ and how I am going to beat him at The Duel in the Dunes; in the spirit of the season I will not.(Okay, maybe just one shot...)

My workouts this week consisted of two, five mile runs done at an 8:45 pace, speedwork, and I will be running long (10 miles) tomorrow. I'd like to take brief moment to mention my speedwork before moving on to what I really want to talk about here today.

Brief Moment:

YASSO 800's


This was just an introductory attempt at the 800's, I did 4. At a goal pace of 4:00 minutes. McMillian says I should be able to do a 1:59 half and 4:12 full marathon so I figured for the sake of my 800's I would shoot for 4 minutes....I have work to do.
I am going to try four again next Wednesday before bumping up to five the following week.

On to bigger and better things!!!!

My buddy was attempting to qualify for Boston today and ran in this marathon. Without telling him, a few of us got together and drove the two hours up to Kiawah Island to cheer him on. We got there about 30 minutes before he hit the half-mary mark and he was flying! 1:33:23. This place is gorgeous! It is fast and flat; people come here to run BQ's. We are thinking of coming back to run the half and/or the full next year. I might come up with the hopes of seeing what a 4 hour marathon looks like...What's that? How did my buddy do? He finished 68th out of 1001 full marathon runners with an outstanding time of 3:15:46.

Congratulations David Howard, you have qualified to run in the Boston Marathon!


Walt said...

Before you know it your 800's will have a 3 as the first number. Count on it. The Capt says so.

The Boring Runner said...

Those sideburns are possibly the coolest thing EVER.

800s are TOUGH. You have the right idea. I always start with 4 and then work up to 8 or 10.

Wes said...

McMillan sez I should run a 25:06 5K. I nailed that. Not so lucky on the half and full marathon distances...

Please feel free to insult CJ anytime!! LOL...

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