Thursday, November 19, 2009

Running here and there...

79 days until The Duel and the training is coming along nicely. I have been following a 5 day a week training schedule which includes one speed workout, a long run and three mid runs.

Last weeks speed workout was at the local track. We warmed up with and easy 10 minute jog and then did some stretching and strides....then onto the pain....

Holy Sh!Tball's dude!!!

Crackhead says, "We are doing K repeats, we will do 4 at slightly faster than 5k pace and then 2 x400 to finish. Walk the 1/2 lap back to recover in between K's"

I'm all like, "meh, that's not even three miles...I got this....I wish I was at a titty bar with some old frat buddies right now..."

I decide on 5 minutes as my goal for my K repeats (8:00 min/mile pace) and off I go.

First 200m ~"this is cake"
400m~ "hmmm, little bit o' pain here..."
800m~ "Are you frickin kidding, I still have another 200m??!1!"
1K~ 4:56 "Good god man, there is no way I am gonna survive 3 more of these."

I knocked out the next two at 5:02 and 5:05. The last 200m of each K were absolute murder. MURDER I say!

Crackhead ran the last 500m of my final K with me and I needed his pacing to come in at 5:05. I was comfortable with 1:55 for my two remaining 400's and just like that track workout was over.

Here's the deal. The pain stopped as soon as I did. I know that it won't hurt after I stop running but it hurts some much when I am in it. (Yes, I said it...)

So I tried a little something different with last night's track workout.
We were doing 8x400 with 1:30 walk breaks. My goal pace was 1:50(which I hit 6 out of 8) I told myself to be prepared to suffer. Embrace the pain (wtf was I thinking)
It still hurt but it hurts so good. (that's two for you G)

My weekly long runs have been 8 miles on the Savannah River Bridge Run route. The Double Pump race is two weeks away and I am starting to become comfortable on this bridge. (If that is even possible)

Good luck to those racing this weekend, prepare to suffer.
One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.


Lily on the Road said...

"The pain stopped as soon as I did", not good enough! LOL...sounds like a wicked workout.

You'll be ready in two sweat!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

After a workout like that?

Reward yourself with a Dirty Moose, Sanchez!

Al's CL Reviews said...

You are so going to be ready!