Friday, July 10, 2009

Mid Summer Relief

We have had a low pressure system move into the Low Country this week and the weather has been absolutely wonderful!!! If you don't mind an occational rain shower here and there, you would love running in my 'hood over the last few days...Temps peaking in the high 80's, slightly overcast and a cooling breeze rolling in from the ocean! I have been taking advantage of it and have headed out for a run every day after work. Wednesday turned out to be a 4 miler after playing tennis with the roommate, I was already loose and had gotten some nice cardio from playing tennis, so I decided to take an easy run down to River Street for my favorite running pasttime, "Tourist Watching!" Nothing gives me more joy than good old fashioned people watching, add tourists to the mix and I am in heaven!!! If you have ever been to Savannah, you know how much fun it is to watch half drunken tourons trying to negotiate our 200 year old cobblestone streets! As of the last few years we have also been blessed with the lemmings that line up for the heart attack buffet also known as "The Lady and Sons" owned by none other than local "celebrity" and Food Channel star Paula Deen. I believe she might have a statue of a stick of butter somewhere in her marsh-side mansion...If I had a dollar every time an ambulance gets called to this restaurant, well...I wouldn't be typing this blog from work, that's for sure!

Moving on to Thursday's run...I was a little sore and my legs felt heavy from Wednesday's workout but could not pass up on the great weather so I headed out for what was to be an easy three mile run. "Just a couple of laps around the park" I thought...It is 3/4 of a mile from my house to Forsyth Park. Got there in less than seven minutes, so I figured my soreness from Wed. was gone. I hit the first lap at 9:50 and was surprised at how easy it felt. I saw a runner about 1/4 of a lap in front of me so I decided to play a little game of chase on my second lap. It took me about 3/4's of the lap to catch said runner, clocking that mile at 9:10! Great mental boost for having just nailed two miles at 19:00 minutes! I ran the remaining route back to the house in a cool down mode finishing the 3.5 mile run in 32:01. All in all a great couple of runs, grateful to the weather gods for the seldom found mid July relief. I hope it holds up through Sunday when I am scheduled for an hour and a half early morning run with Cubbie.

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

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Anne said...

I love when there's a lull in summer heat and you get that added bounce to boost your runs. You know, I haven't opened my Paula Deen cookbooks in quite a while. I may have moved on from butter to better.