Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trackwork Thursday

Mind over matter people!

I sent the Crackhead a text message "informing" him how cold it was going to be at the track tonight. Don't you people listen to The Weather Channel? This is an "Artic Blast"...

His response:

Just think. The competition won't have the dedication u have so u will crush them on race day.

Looks like I will be doing my track workout afterall~6 sub 4 minute Yasso's on tap....update with stats to follow.


I got to the track and we did a leisurely warm up jogging around the complex. Moving onto some drills; high knees, kick butts, strides, and cross overs.

Light stretching and then onto the fun. Yasso 800's with 400 recovery. My schedule called for 6 this week with my goal pace being a 3:55 pace.


Smokes! I seriously don't know how I hit that last 800! I looked at the watch at the 400 mark on that last rep and it read 2:01. I dug deep and found a 1:42 400 on the back end of that workout. After thinking about it for a while I noticed that on that last 800, especially the last 400, I was really focused. I know that on some of the pervious 800's I was thinking about my day at work, what I was going to have for dinner...just sort of going through the motions. On that last 400 I was really just focusing 100% of my attention on running. "Relax and Move" (Thanks Sean) While doing this I was able to run hard focusing on the effort, know it wouldn't last forever. I feel like I have not fully tapped into my potential yet. Exciting things to come!

I am really starting to like speedwork!


Jamoosh said...

Damnation! That is pretty darn consistent. I bow in your general direction

Amanda said...

Maybe we can meet up and say hi at the Preservation run. I love Savannah, we were just there a week or so ago when my family was in town visiting from Arkansas.

joyRuN said...

Daaaaannnnggg. Nice splits there! Looks like that should get you nicely ready for a sub-2 time at some half marathon in the near future ;)

San said...

Well done!!! Yeah, focus brings the results and I love track work, too.

And going out there when the competition sits in the warm, really has it's rewards.

Manderz said...

Awesome job!

Lily on the Road said...

Good job on your workouts...but I hate you for showing that tropical photo....grrrrr ~ LOL

Adam said...

This is awesome!! Do 6 more and you would have been in the 2:00's!! :)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Answering your question...yes, it came with a HRM. But neither of us likes the Garmin HRM since we are used to the Polar. They are way different.

Ryan said...

With #'s like that CJ better get his training on.