Thursday, December 3, 2009

Enmark Savannah River Bridge Run "Double Pump"

HeHe...I said Double Pump...

So this all started with a resentment. This will be my fifth running of the bridge run, but this year I will be running the "Double Pump".

Imagine the scene: It was almost a year ago, it was a cool, crisp Savannah morning. All of the local runners had come out to prove their athletic ability against our famed bridge in either the 5k, the 10k, or the Double Pump. Your's truly had just finished the 10k and was walking through the chute to the water table when I saw another runner with a finely crafted mug emblazoned with a bridge run logo. "Excuse me kind runner. I could not help but notice that beautifully crafted glass mug in your hand. Where ever did you obtain it and how might I get one?" She scanned me up and down pausing at my race bib and mockingly said, "Um, you have to have run the Double Pump to get one of these..."

Hmmm, my 10K effort was not enough.

I swore at that moment to run the double next year and find that runner and let her know I had been gunning for her all year....I will get you runner #1247!

What's that? She will have a different number if she runs this year?!?1! hmmm...Karma!

So, Saturday morning I will wake, attend to the usual morning business and join the masses as we cross the Savannah River via ferry boat to the start of the 5K. I will contain myself as best as possible not to repeat the soul crushing glare of runner #1247 while intermingling with the 5k runners...

8:15am, with great fanfare, the 5k will start. We will cross the Eugene Talmidge Bridge and run into downtown Savannah. As I cross the finish line (goal time 26 & change) I will grab a little water and head over to the starting line of the 10k, which will start promptly at 9:00am.

9:00am, after hearing the national anthem for a second time this morning, the 10k will start with a mile loop through downtown Savannah before the route takes us up and over the bridge. We will quickly loop under the bridge and begin to go back up over the other side. Thus making our third, and final trip over the bridge. I am going to leave it all on the bridge and shoot for sub 55 minutes.

This race is billed as "The South's Toughest Bridge Run" and for good reason. From start to finish the bridge is 1.5 miles long with an average of 5.5% grade on the ascent. Peak elevation of 196 ft. So, in 3/4 of a mile we climb almost 200 right? I know, let's do it three times....

I will get my mug. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

(Unless they aren't giving out mugs this year????)


Jamoosh said...

Would this be a Beer mug?

GeorgiaSnail said...

Yes, they will also fill it freely with beer after the race! mmmm, beer and Brunswick Stew!!!

joyRuN said...

Looove Brunswick Stew. Can't get that up around here.

Sounds like an awesome fun event. I really hope for your sake they have those glasses again. If not, might I suggest tracking #1247 down & grabbing hers.

Adam said...

double pump..... (nope, too early in the morning for that joke...)

NICE! I would totally do both races if I could get something extra. That is 99.9% of the reason I'm trying to do as many rock and roll marathons as I can in 2010!

Good luck!

Carolina John said...

Good luck dude! double pump indeed. that is a tough way to get a beer mug. have a great race.

btw, i emailed you that stuff earlier today. check your spam filter, my babyfishmouth email gets caught sometimes.

Me said...

Kick ass! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! And it does say "crawl" right in their logo, so I'm totally confident you'll earn that mug. ;)

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