Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember very clearly...

...where I was that morning. Holly and I had been out late the night before. We woke up around 10AM. While laying in bed, I turned on the television, like I had done countless mornings. I couldn't understand what it was that I was seeing. It didn't make sense. I woke up Holly and told her something was going on in "The City". We watched in horror as the footage was coming in...We were so far away(Savannah, GA), but it struck so close. I have family that work in NYC. I called my mother to find out if everyone was accounted. There was this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, I can feel it again as I type this and remember that awful morning. I hung my American Flag outside that day and went to work later in the evening. I was taken aback by how quiet Savannah was that day. I will never forget.

I ran six miles last night. I don't really want my run recap to share space with this blog today so I will keep it brief..hehe, I said brief....Six pain free miles at a 10 minute pace. It felt great, this weather is why I love living in the south. 8 days to the Equinox! I can't wait, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

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Anne said...

It was a very different vibe on the West Coast that day too. As you said, we appeared so removed from the images on the television. My dad had worked in one of the towers, and so the entire day people kept calling (not realizing he'd transferred to the Los Angeles office). I just remember the burst of patriotism that followed. It was a nice change.