Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

And don't come back another day....okay, so i don't really mean that, but when the frick did I move to Seattle??? I think is has rained every day for the past 7 or 8 days. I have been looking forward to running the Savannah Mile for months, I wake up this morning and it is pouring down rain....oh well, it is Spring, what can I expect?

Thanks for letting me last week Cubbie and I ran 8.5 miles with the Chicago Marathon training group. What an awesome workout. There were about 15-18 runners, of all different speeds. We ran out at the Landings, which was great by the way! 7:00am, 70 degrees, slight breeze, no traffic and we got to run along the marsh and the golf coures. We were only supposed to run 7 miles, cubbie pulled a fast one on me!?!? The convo went something like this..."Hey, do you want to run with the training group on Sunday?" Me-"Uh, sure, how far are they going?" Anti Christ-"Well, like 7 miles or something..." Knuckle Head-"Okay, that sounds like fun." Worst Running Partner Ever-"It might be 8 miles, I'm not really sure..." So we get there and meet Usman(sorry if I mispelled your name, you are awesome by the way!) and he says, "Okay, today we run for 1 hour forty minutes!" Cubbie just kinda smiles at me...Duped again!!!So we ran...and ran....and ran....did i mention we ran? But it was great! Well the first hour was great, then I ticked off ten minute blocks in my head all the while figuring out how i could dispose of my running partner without getting in trouble with the authorities... We actually finished at 1 hour thirty, so i really have no reason to complain, it was a great workout and most importantly, this is the longest i have run in several years!!! Thanks again to the wonderful people of the training group for allowing me to play along, oh and thanks to my soon to be ex-running partner for that little extra push to extend my long foot in front of the other, one step at a time....

By the by, I have been following some bloggers work that I have found really inspiring...check them out.

Scott Dunlap

Amy Tarpley
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