Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SweetH20 Creek 50K

Race day is right around the corner! This Saturday I will head up to Lithia Springs, just outside of Atlanta, to run the Sweetwater Creek 50k. I have been looking forward to this race since I decided(gave in to peer pressure) this past winter. I think having to cross the creek twice during the race was what really sealed the deal...Plus, the 50k distance is only 5 miles longer than a marathon, but you still get to check off "Ultra" on your running bucket list.

Now with marathons, a quick aside. It seems as more and more people enter the sport of distance running, the full mary is seeing an enormous boom. Races are selling out faster and faster and new marathons are popping up everywhere. Sure, the purist will say that us middle and back of the packers are watering down the sport, but that is not to take away anything from each individual runner who pays their dues and toes the line on race day. You can't half ass your way through a full mary, if you try, you will be found hobbled on the side of the road.

(If you look closely, you can see people on the trail to the right near the top of the ridge)

Speaking of half assing it...There will be no half assing this race. This course is the real deal, water, elevation, single track...what more could you want in a race? Luckily they moved the race up a month so we are running in early April versus early May like last year. I am ready. I have been logging 100+ mile months since November and have run three 20+ mile runs in the last six weeks. Unable to find too much elevation in Savannah, all of my long runs have included the big bridge by my house.

I have no expectations. I wouldn't know where to begin. I ran a 4:30 flat marathon last week. So, I could probably run 31 flat miles in 5:30. I ran the Equinox Marathon six months ago in 5:40, looking at the elevation chart, the courses are similar. So does that mean I would have been looking at a 6:40 50K last fall?

Here are my two goals:
Finish the race healthy and under 6:30.

Top secret goal that I won't tell anyone? Sub 6

I look forward to this race and being able to share my journey. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Best of luck with it, brother!

Glenn Jones said...

That looks like a cool race! I'm just getting into the whole trail running/ultra scene here in Southern California and find it very exciting!

All the purists that say us back of the packers are watering down the marathon need to keep in mind that it's out entry fees that are allowing the larger purses and more course support! They should run their sub 4 and enjoy it. Those of us in the back are running our 5 1/2 and revelling in our accomplishment!

Morgan said...

You are going to rock this race and I can't wait to read all about it!

Pam F. said...

I'm with Glen. Eff the elite. I'm quite happy to be in the back of the pack! At least I'm in the pack!!!

The Sean said...

You'll have a blast. Take care of your legs and the rest will take of itself. Those powerline hills are brutal. Hope the water crossing is less extreme than last year with its 10 minute queue.

Jameson said...

Looks like an awesome course, good luck. Power up those hills.

Psyche said...

I'm looking to you to convince me Ultra's are worth exploring. It's like a different sport with all the trails and ruggedness. My inner Track snob definitely has her doubts.

So, no pressure or anything, but if you don't do well or don't have a good time I am definitely not giving 50K a try:)

ajh said...

THis is very impressive. I can't wait to hear about it. Will you take pictures? I love that you can check ultra off but it looks like you can do that for a good reason! You are running an ultra!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Good luck!

RockStarTri said...

Snail, you will crush this race. Good Luck!

MCM Mama said...

Good luck! Looks like an awesome race!

Anonymous said...

Wow..that looks like a lot of fun. Water too! Should make for some great memories. Have fun and good luck!

Christina said...

I just found your blog and hope you did great.

lawmonkey13 said...

Good luck, man! You're way more hardcore than me!

Jill said...

I'd love to go further than a marathon, gotta get my back fixed and happy first!! Good luck this weekend - you're going to have a blast!!

Adam said...

Wow! This race really snuck up on me! I remember when you first announced and I had sweet memories of sweetwater 420.

Can't wait to hear about it!

Psyche said...

Good luck tomorrow, Snail! You will rock it. Have a blast!!

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